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Anonymous asked
Why does Chris Evans always grab his left boob when he laughs?


Hello, anon, and thank you for the question.

This topic has been studied by by researchers for years. There are three prevailing theories that I will relay to you now.

1. It keeps him on the ground.


You may notice in the gif above that Chris’ leg starts to rise as he laughs, possibly a precursor to his entire body undergoing a sort of lift off due to his joy. Chris then employs his upper body strength to force himself to obey the laws of gravity.

2. To check on his physique.


As you may be aware, anon, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain a superhero body. Chris is concerned that in the time he has spent sitting down, sans working out or eating, he has lost muscle mass. Understandably, he feels the need to make sure that he is still a specimen.

3. Object permanence.


Object permanence is a term applied to the understanding that an object still exists even when you cannot see it. Chris closes his eyes when he laughs, making him unable to see that he has not disappeared. By grabbing his left boob, Chris knows that he has not somehow ceased to exist.

I hope this helps.


everyone please watch this video this is humanity in it’s purest form

Oh my god I have to get my wisdom teeth out soon and this is horrifying. No one is allowed to see me for at least a day afterwards. Oh my god.


can we just talk about queer representation in always sunny because this is really important to me

  • main gay character who isn’t stereotypical
  • main asexual character who isn’t aromantic and who also isn’t some emotionless blub
  • main bisexual character (only confirmed in interviews but you don’t need to pay much attention to see dennis is queer as shit)
  • did you catch that? i repeat, 3/5, a majority of the leads, are queer, dang
  • recurring transsexual character who, despite being the butt of some jokes, is consistently shown to have a successful happy life (and whose treatment improves with each appearance, showing that the writers strive to avoid being transphobic despite writing characters who very much are transphobic)
  • the recurring trans character and her husband (did i mention they were an interracial couple? that’s rad too) become parents and there are no jokes/comments about how they’re unfit to raise a kid
  • there are a number of one-off queer characters who are rarely if ever made to be the joke; the jokes always swing back to calling out the protagonists on their poor treatment of said characters
  • tl;dr: it’s always sunny in philadelphia has a hella queer set of respectfully-written characters and utilizes these characters to comment on homophobic/transphobic culture rather than on “lol the gays”